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Mind Inclusion toolkit for educators to learn how to promote social inclusion at community level through ICT

Under the Erasmus Plus Project "Mind Inclusion 2.0" we developed a facilitation methodology for professionals working with people with intellectual disabilities and caregivers to learn:

  1. How to use the Mind Inclusion APP, which is an Android Application co-designed together with people with intellectual and physical disabilities aimed at supporting them in accessing and evaluating public places according to how much these are inclusive.
  2. How to facilitate people with disability in the use of the APP, using it as a way to acquire new skills and an increase their autonomy.
  3. How to promote social inclusion in their communities through the APP and the implementation of the methodology itself.

The methodology was published in the form of Guidelines/Manual accompanied by a toolkit, it is available freely online on the mind inclusion website and it includes: a theoretical manual, an operational manual, an evaluation framework, a set of tools for educators, and a booklet of the co-creation framework applied. A scientific paper about the APP is also available freely on the Italian Journal of Special Education for Inclusion.

These documents were created starting from previous experiences of partners, reviewing current literature and gathering inputs from the co-creation process of the APP, and the methodology pilot application run in 3 countries and 4 communities (1 in Italy, 2 in Spain and 1 in Lithuania) involving 11 educators, 28 IDP and 32 BUs.

The methodology can be easily adapted and transferred without limits and restrictions. If you are interested to join our mind inclusion community and/or need more information please feel free to contact us at any time.

The toolkit uploaded here is in English and due to reason of file format the tools for educators (MI Diary, MI Board Game) have not been uploaded. You can find the version in Italian, Spanish, French and Lithuanian as well as the tools on the website:

You can find our contact information on the Mind Inclusion website contact page.


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