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Methods Project Five communicative language teaching methods

Methods is a Leonardo supported ToI (Transfer of Innovation) project based on the BP-BLTM project, which delivered manuals with descriptions of five communicative language teaching methods complete with teaching materials ready to use in classes. The manuals Methods complemented with videos demonstrating the five methods. It is the aims of Methods to adapt and transfer the materials for use in France (Guadeloupe), Malta, and Slovenia as well as to develop materials for teaching these languages. But it is also our objective to cluster with other language projects.

The main aim of the Methods project is:

  • Increasing languages teachers with new teaching skills through clearly structured training courses
  • Improving communication skills in foreign languages of the students in VET sector

Methods project will transfer the BP-BLTM results to France (Guadeloupe), Malta and Slovenia by adapting and translating the guide, the methods manuals, the ready to use in classes materials and the subtitles for the project videos and run a large number of teacher courses.

The final months are now approaching after a successful conference in Guadeloupe, where the Methods workshops also received praise from participants. To learn more about the methods project please go to

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