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Maths contextualisation toolkit from UK

This toolkit is designed to assist tutors in the planning and delivering of contextualised maths courses. The toolkit encourages vocational and academic tutors to develop, use and share contextualised resources.

Contextualised resources not only support the teaching of maths in maths-focused lessons, but can also help other teaching staff to embed maths teaching into the vocational aspects of Study Programmes. This approach reinforces maths learning and helps to give learners the best possible chance of success.

This can help learners to develop a more positive attitude to maths and a deeper and more sustained understanding of mathematical concepts.

The toolkit includes a guide to developing contextualised resources, a context grid with advice on how to use it, and a learner feedback form. Exemplar resources are provided for construction trades, community services (health, social care and childcare), business and administration, general life and personal interests.

Even a recording of a webinar introduces how to use the toolkit: Webinar - March 2015

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Mathematics in Education and Industry
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