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Mapping of good practices relating to social inclusion of migrants through sport

The aim of this study, commissioned by the DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission, is to provide an analytical overview of the types of sports related projects and interventions used to support the social inclusion of migrants and to identify best practice in their design, implementation and measurement. The study used a literature review, stakeholder interviews and an analysis of the key strengths and success factors of relevant projects based on a typology. The opportunities for sport to act as a tool for social inclusion have been well documented and across the Member States and within the context of European Union programmes such as Erasmus+, a wide range of projects and initiatives have been implemented. In the context of the report the term “migrants” refers to those individuals who have moved to a different Member State and have settled there. Refugees (sometimes also referred to as newly arrived migrants), strictly speaking, are migrants too, but due to the more transient nature of their settlement are considered as a separate group. In light of the recent influx of refugees and the immediate need for support, a large amount of projects focussing on social inclusion and integration are now focussed on refugees meaning these types of projects are quite prevalent throughout this study.


The report is freely available as a PDF in the EU Bookshop or at the link below on the Sport for Development website.

If you would like to discuss the report, please contact the lead author through EPALE.


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