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Mapping the existing vocational training methods in Cyprus, Greece and Malta

The report for the mapping of vocational training methods and policies in Cyprus was prepared by ISOTECH Ltd, March 2010, Cyprus. ISOTECH Ltd is the Beneficiary/ Coordinator (Partner 1) of LitusGo.

Introduction:Vocational training is now recognized as an important part of life-long learning procedure. Since Cyprus joined the EU, the opportunities have increased due to the introduction of European funding in those schemes. Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) is the authority which has the main role in Cyprus for vocational training. HRDA has created a number of training schemes which are described in summary in the following pages.Moreover the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance operates the Cyprus Productivity Centre (CPC). CPC is mainly active in helping unskilled young persons become professionals and experts in technical jobs but also offers - through its institutions - master degrees in the area of public administration. Aside from these two institutions (which run from the government) there are some extra opportunities for vocational training here in Cyprus. Such opportunities are offered by other organisations such as the Fulbright Commission and the Life Long Learning Cyprus.

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