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Manual for education activists working with people with low competences

The manual focuses on the universality of methods and tools, addressing various groups of persons who have low competences in a specific context. The universality of methods and tools is achieved by defining main educational needs of learners in question and the criteria for choosing effective learning methods. The common approach is to focus on motivation, effectiveness, and interactions: between participants and educators, sharing common learning, covering individual needs but also provide amusement.

The manual responds to one of the most critical challenges: the large group of people suffering from having low competences and facing obstacles in taking up education. In the age group between 25-64, the most common reason is a perceived lack of necessity for further education (around 75%), family responsibilities (40%), or overlapping working hours with training (33%). Another significant issue is the reluctance to return to any experience resembling formal education. These data say a lot about the necessity of creating an educational offer flexible and not linked to formal education.



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