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Manage Personal Finances Are Part of Lifelong Learning

Financial issues, according to Swedbank's Institute of Private Finances manager Odeta Bložienė, facing everyone, regardless of education, profession, office or salary. They have to be managed on a daily basis throughout life, and the financial market is one of the most rapidly changing areas, particularly in the more developing economies like Lithuania.

In order to effectively manage personal finances, it necessary to develop financial literacy skills throughout life. Moreover, the different life cycle stages are particularly relevant to specific areas of personal finance. On the other hand, there are topics that are relevant to lifelong learning (eg. Taxes, long-term accumulation and financial planning, well-being in retirement and so on.).

In recent years, a number of measures and sources of information that make up the opportunity to both keep track of personal finance issues and to deepen their knowledge and develop practical skills and to manage personal finances.

One of such measures is presented in the article. This is the non-formal adult education module “Financial Adult Education "and the audio book "Financial Education Advices”. These measures are  developed by Education Development Center together with Swedbank. 

It provides an overview of the various personal finance topics, eg., what does the personal finance mean, what is the financial life cycle, how to reconcile the desires and demands of saving and accumulating, budgeting, how to invest, when to be insured, and when - to borrow.

The article can be found in a variety of everyday life necessary insights as an example, what marketing tricks used in stores to encourage customers to buy more goods, to resist the temptations of the shopping center in, which the smart shopping principles should be followed, etc.

Lithuanian information can be found on the website  , though still have to admit that more opportunities to deepen their financial literacy have those who speaks foreign languages.

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Suaugusiųjų švietimas, 2012, Nr.8, p.
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