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Learning in Adulthood - Cases of lifelong learning

One of the prominent goals of the Learning communities and social transformation project (EFOP-5.2.2-17-2017-00066), co-ordinated by the Hungarian Nullpont Cultural Association, was to explore, study and systemise, with the help of cooperating partners, those methods, procedures and good practices that illustrate the role of adult education and adult learning in promoting social inclusion. We have taken into account the procedures and methods that can be utilised generally, irrespective of individual geographical regions. We have determined a relatively uniform set of criteria to gain an overview and discover the characteristics of successful programmes. The volume provides a concise description of the good practices explored. Fundamentally this project may become useful to all professionals who are dedicated to the social inclusion of adults, the human development of their region and communal activities.

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Márkus Edina (ed)
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Case Study
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