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A land of people who love to learn

This publication summarises Sitra's New Education Forum's 31 participants' views on how to develop the Finnish education sector and build a vision for it. The forum examined learning from the perspective of all levels of education, from babies to grandparents.


The New Education Forum is part of Sitra’s training activities aimed at helping Finnish decision-makers and game-changers to join forces in tackling the key social challenges and opportunities of the future. The series of Synergise Finland forums, including the New Education Forum, brings together groups of opinion formers from all sectors of the society, ranging from grass-roots actors to political decision-makers. While learning from one another, they explore the structural and cultural changes required in Finland. These forums involve practical experiments and action aimed at solving the social problems identified. The New Education Forum was launched in December 2014 and closed in June 2015.


Introduction: Finnish education, focusing on meeting yesterday’s standards?

1. Stupid is not really stupid

2. Grades do not represent the full scope of learning

3. Teachers must not work alone

4. Tear the school down, build a village

5. Focus on competencies, not degrees

6. More development, less red tape

7. Fairness replaces equality

8. Technology is about humans, not devices

9. Education is worth taking to places where it does not exist

10. Love cannot be measured but it can be seen

The participants and enablers of the New Education Forum

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Anna-Sofia Berner, Hannele Laaksolahti, Riina Kopola (toim.)
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