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Irish Museums Association's Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Last week the Irish Museums Association (IMA) released it's Strategic Plan for 2018-2021. IMA is an all-Ireland non-profit organisation which is "dedicated to the development of the museum sector so that everyone, visitors and practitioners, can enjoy the maximum cultural, social and educational benefit". 


 Image from IMA's website 


The Strategic Plan reasserted IMA's goal to

"advocate for the long-term care and interpretation of our cultural heritage" 

and IMA committed to continue promoting 

"the exchange of knowledge and support through collaborative practice". 


IMA also stated 

"We believe that the museum sector has a responsibility to engage and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds and boost creativity and innovation. The Irish Museums Association will aim to engage across sectors and disciplines in an inclusive dialogue, ensuring the makeup of contemporary Irish society is reflected in our activities. 

To read more please visit IMA's website


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