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iRemember project: Training for Facilitators for intergenerational and intercultural laboratories

The iRemember project will experiment in 6 European countries "Laboratories of memory", consisting of intergenerational activities (seniors, teachers, young students), aimed at updating the teachers/trainers’ skills and improving the non-formal learning of history in schools. Each "Laboratory of memory" will focus on the theme of "conflict" and the results obtained in the laboratories will be transferred into the online platform “The Land”, which will present them to the public as a virtual museum of memory.

This document contains a detailed description of the training activities to be carried out by teachers and tutors in order to design, implement and manage the intergenerational Laboratories of Memories, which model was developed in the framework of the iRemember project; it should be considered as vitally interconnected with the other iRemember resources with particular reference to the iRemember Methodology (Intellectual Output1).

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Ce.S.F.Or., La Sapienza Università di Roma, EUROED, The Playhouse, CECE, AELLL, CEFAE
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