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International Comparison State of Art of Adult educators and target group of NEETs

The objective of this research and analysis is to identify the current situation of teaching the target group of NEETs, what situation the adult educators have to face in their everyday practice in terms of tools available, training provided, possibilities for improvement, capacity building issues, etc. and training needs of adult educators, who are working with this target group in the participating countries. In particular, the partners through this study will undertake a desk research which will summarise what is being pursued at national policy level in terms of counseling and teaching the target group of NEETs in the participating countries.

The study will summarise the provisions at policy level in each of the participating countries that target the provision of teaching the target group of NEETs, as well as the challenges each country has to face.

Moreover, an investigation on the good practices will be undertaken, so as to build on these and improve them through the development of tools available through open resources via e-Learning Toolkit.

The lead partner of this activity will develop questionnaires which will facilitate the consortium members to undertake the field research. The field research will involve the direct target group of the project, i.e. the adult educators.

In order to collect information from a representative sample, each one of the partners will involve 40 Adult Educators, Teachers, counselors, in the field research. In total, at least 240 of the target group will be involved in this phase of the project.

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Kuressaare Gymnasium´s education and training center Osilia, Enoros Consulting Ltd, Asociacion Cazalla-Intercultural, Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali, Lancaster and Morecambe College, Chatzi A. -Roupa E.O.E.
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