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Information on Teacher Training Units for Vocational Schools and Vocational Training Centers in Albania

In Albania, during 2016, is implemented the Project "Establish and pilot the functions of Units for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for teachers and instructors at the level of VET provider". This project is part of the Demonstration Projects on CPD for VET Teachers/Trainers, supported by European Training Foundation (ETF). The aim of the project is “to establish Teacher Training Units in the public vocational schools and public vocational training centres” as the main mechanism for supporting internal CPD of Teachers/instructors”.

The Demonstration Project, leaded by the National VET and Qualification Agency, monitored by ETF and implemented by the Centre for Competitiveness Promotion,  piloted the concept of Teacher Training Units in three vocational schools and one vocational training centre, as project partners.

The project started with a round table to present and discuss the concept of Teacher Training Units and the project activities, with the representatives of all partners and other stakeholders. Several trainings on “teacher training needs analysis, implementing training activities and quality assurance in teacher training” are provided for 12 teacher trainers and principals of partner VET providers (‘Beqir Çela” school in particular, as lead partner).

The Demonstration Project will be concluded with a large participation dissemination event in January 2017, aiming to promote continuity and sustainability of the Teacher Training Unit concept at the provider level.

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