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The importance and positive effect of using technology in the classroom

The importance and positive effect of using technology in the classroom has become a source of interest for education in the recent years. Technology applications, of any type, from the simplest to the most complicated ones, have changed the teaching and learning ways. Also the teaching/learning theories, which constitute the foundations of the teaching process, have evolved apace with technology development; therefore, it is the teachers' duty to develop new approaches where they can adapt these methodologies in order to increase learning outcomes. 

The reformed basic education curriculum, based on the constructive learning theory "learning by doing", through the actualization of skills and knowledge in real life situations, creates suitable conditions and opportunities for the use and integration of technology in the teaching process. But while technology and student-centred teaching  promote high level of thinking, the teachers' attitude and perception towards this approach frequently prevents them from integrating it in their subjects. This attitude on the teachers' side leads to technology being used merely as a tool to replace other traditional approach teaching tools instead of seeing it as an efficient tool to implement the constructive approach. Although there are teachers who have spontaneously tried to use technology during the teaching process, its use is not efficient if the teacher does not have a theory item through which to model teaching. 

This document points out that use of technology in the classroom makes the teaching-learning process more effective and more attractive when delivered on basis of suitable teaching-learning theories and methodologies,  thus increasing its positive impact on both the student and the learning outcomes considerably.

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