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This project has been prepared for the activities that disabled students should do in case of natural disasters. The project was prepared by the Secondary School Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje and was accepted by the Croatian national agency.The project includes special education schools, university, scout institution and associations. Project coordinator in Croatia in Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, Malta, Romania and Lithuania institutions are located.

Purpose of the Project: To teach disabled people the skills they need to do during natural disasters and ensure their survival. A "Emergency Coping Skills" curriculum will be created for the work to be done in case of disaster. A booklet and brochure containing disaster situation information will be prepared. Leaflets with instructions on dealing with emergencies will be prepared. An interactive guide with videos for the use of instructors and teachers will be prepared. Teachers will receive training on the following subjects for students with disabilities.

1. They will receive training on the use of natural resources in extremely hot environments and prepare a brochure on the subject.

2. Contents will be prepared to be adapted to people with special needs.

3.House hazards and reactions to them and adaptations for people with special needs in daily living activities

4. Nature hazards and emergency response,

5. Help and psychological recovery after an emergency

6. Prevention of injuries during natural disasters

7.Application work to avoid worst-case scenarios during fires and earthquakes in schools

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Abdullah ÖZTÜRK, Selcuklu Özel Eğitim Meslek Okulu,
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