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I AM AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF A MULTINATIONAL SOCIETY, Programme for social integration of women – third country nationals: Methodology and guidelines for train the trainer course

The main aim of our I'm active+ project was to raise employability of women in Europe in  the age group between 20-64, especially among those with fewer opportunities by improving the level of their key competencies and skills  and thus making them more compatible to the needs of the labour market and society in general. The project enabled disadvantaged groups to take part in lifelong learning programmes, career guidance and counselling, and reached its final phase in September 2016. As a result of the joint effort of project partners from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Turkey and France, two publications were issued, both dealing with integration of migrants into the host society, with special attention given to entering the labour market. The partnership consisted of educational and non-governmental organizations, with Vera Mlinar of the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education as the external expert responsible for the final revision of both documents produced in the project.


The first intellectual output of the project, Methodology and guidelines for train the trainer course provides an overview of basic legislative topics from the field of migration and it also features guidelines for train the trainer course for mentors as well as a comprehensive outline of the procedure of recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning.

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SBN 978-961-94095-5-8 (pdf )
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Tanja Krpan, Barbara Fajdiga Perše et al.
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