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How Estonia is Building the Partnerships, Bridges and Spaces Necessary to Implement a Lifelong Guidance Strategy?

How Estonia is Building the Partnerships, Bridges and Spaces Necessary to Implement a Lifelong Guidance Strategy? Mr. Mart LAIDMETS, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

The 7th EU Presidency Conference of Lifelong Guidance Policy and Practice was organised in the framework of the European Guidance Week on 27-28.09.2017 by the Foundation Innove, Cedefop and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.  The conference panels and selected sessions of the conference were live-streamed on this page. Now the video recordings from the live-stream are uploaded here for you to watch.

Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Cedefop and Foundation Innove held the European Guidance Week 2017 in Tallinn on 26-29.09.2017. The event was planned for the Estonia´s Presidency of the Council of the European Union in autumn 2017. 

The overall theme of the event was innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) and future co-operation in the field of lifelong guidance. The aims were to:

share innovative ICT practices;disseminate tools and initiatives to support the development of ICT capacity of lifelong guidance, andfacilitate future cooperation at European level.The programme started on Tuesday, 26th September and ended on Friday, 29th September, and it included:

The meeting of CareersNet (Cedefop) experts on 26th September; The meeting of EmployID partners on 26th-27th September; 7th EU presidency conference of lifelong guidance policy on 27th-28th September; Euroguidance Network meeting on 29th September. To identify current trends and points of interest the University of Jyväskylä in collaboration with Cedefop and Euroguidance Estonia have carried out a mapping survey on the use of ICT and the recent progress of co-operation mechanisms in lifelong guidance. 

Watch all presentations here

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