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The Guideline for Using Social Media in Learning

The article is about providing some guideline on how we can use social media in teaching and learning. The article emphasised on the reasons for using social technology and some examples of social media tools that can be used in teaching and learning purpose. 

The introduction of web 2.0 and the immense use of social software has opened new and creative opportunities in teaching and learning (LeNoue, Hall, & Eighmy, 2011). For many years’ now many theorists and researchers have been providing evidences about how technologies can enhance our learning experiences. Specially in lifelong learning, technology plays a vital role, as it aids formal, non-formal and in-formal learning environment. Now, as I already pointed out that theorists and researchers influenced us to use technology in teaching and learning process to enhance learning experience, the educators are trying to use different learning technologies in their students’ learning process. However, one of the difficulties of using different learning technologies, that are there are no systematic guideline of using them. In this piece of writing I will be discussing about some guidelines of using social media in learning. 

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Sabrina Ahmed
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Opportunities and Resources
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