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GLAT - Syllabus and Materials

GLAT education was designed for professional development of primary school junior grade teachers during Erasmus+ project GLAT - Games for Learning Algorithmic Thinking (2017-1-HR01-KA201-035362).

The main goal of the GLAT education is to encourage teachers in integration of computational and algorithmic thinking, problem-solving skills, logic and creativity into the daily teaching through different subjects in students’ younger ages in a fun and attractive way using Game Based Learning (GBL).

Workshop syllabus includes schedules for all workshop sessions with learning outcomes, topics, evaluation methods, and tasks for participants (teachers). Syllabus includes also handouts of presentations that are used for lectures during the workshops.

This document presents an introduction to other content created by project’s experts: presentations for the sessions of the workshops, the GLAT teacher’s guide, and learning scenarios prepared by teachers that serve as examples of good practice.

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