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GeNeus - Set of Application of Gender Neutral Selection Tools and tests for Public Administration Measures

The aim of this intellectual output is to guarantee the integration of Gender Neutral Selection Tools and test among the Public Employment Services, Public Advice Services, Social Services that carry out tasks related to employment and to the decision-makers of these organisations.

The content of this guide has been developed in the framework of the project GeNeus, co-funded by the Erasmus + - KA2: Strategic Partnership | VET (more information at and aimed at developing, promoting and mainstreaming gender neutral tools and testing to be used in the selection process.

The main aims of the current Set of tools and test are the following:

a) To raise awareness on the importance of gender-neutral selection procedures and motivate the target groups in the Public Administration to adopt these tests in their selection processes.

b) To encourage the downloading of the free test and exercises template.

Together with the suggestions on the implementation of the gender-neutral tools, the document gives space to a decalogue addressed to the Public Administration Sector on gender neutral in guidance, recruitment and selection process to avoid gender biases.

The tools and test explained in this guide are the following:

  • A Job Analysis Template;
  • A General Competencies for Employment Questionnaire;
  • Problem-solving Exercises;
  • An Interview Template;
  • An Evaluation Checklist of the applicant.

For further information and for download further material, please, check:

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gender; equality; recruitment; equity; gender bias;
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