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GeNeus - Set of Application of Gender Neutral Selection Tools and tests for Post-Secondary Professional Education

The current document is a Set of Application of Gender Neutral Tools and Test addressed to Post-Secodary Professional Education (PSPE). It is specially oriented to Post-secondary and professional education institutes, job orientation centers regarding study choice at high school and university level, and decision makers in these organisations.

 It has been developed in the framework of the GeNeus project, co-funded by the Erasmus + - KA2: Strategic Partnership | VET (for further information, visit the website: and aimed at developing, promoting and mainstreamin gender neutral tools and tests to be used in selection and recruitment process.

In this guide, PSPE focuses on the selection of candidates for education by the PSPE organisations and if considered relevant by the PSPE organisations also on the selection of candidates for a job, as well as for competencies development of students/trainees.

The document gives an overview on Post-Secondary Professional Education in Europe, focusing on the sector in each country involved by the project; at the same time, it gives suggestions and advice on how to implement the gender neutral selection tools and test developed by the project, assessed and validated by experts coming from Austria, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal.

The tools and test explained in this guide are the following:•    A Job Analysis Template;•    A General Competencies for Employment Questionnaire;•    Problem-solving Exercises;•    An Interview Template;•    An Evaluation Checklist of the applicant.

For further information and for download further material, please, check:

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gender; equality; recruitment; equity; gender bias;
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