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General Standards of Achievement for Elementary Adult Education, Teachers’ Handbook – Applied Natural Sciences (Serbia)

The general standards of achievement for basic adult education in Serbia were developed during 2011 and 2012 within the project “Development of educational standards for the completion of elementary adult education” by the Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation with the support of the project Second Chance - Development of functional adult education system in Serbia. Standards were published in June 2013 in the Rulebook on General Standards of Achievement for Primary Adult Education ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 13/50).

Teacher competences represent individual capacity for performing complex activities in educational work. Competences are a set of necessary knowledge, skills, personal values and attitudes ​​of teachers. Teachers play a central role in improving education, as they directly influence the learning and development process of students.

Educational Standards for the Applied natural sciences course in functional primary adult education (FOOO) are organized in three areas: Area 1: House and Around the House, Area 2: Food, Area 3: Health.

At the end of the third cycle of Applied Sciences module, course participants will understand the basic scientific concepts and thus be able to act safely regarding themselves, their families and the environment in terms of activities related to construction and protection of house and house installations, production, preparation and preservation of food, hygiene and healthy living.

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