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Free ebook - SHARE: Sport, Health, Addiction & Relaxation in Education

SHARE: Sport, Health, Addiction & Relaxation in Education is an eBook resource for teachers and employers to help them encourage their students and employees to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It was developed as part of an Erasmus+ KA2 Schools Partnership and contains information about health issues facing young people today and activities such as exercises, recipes and relaxaion methods.


This resource can assist adults in leading a healthier life by creating awareness of issues that can face all age groups such as:

  • obesity
  • addiction
  • lack of physical exercise
  • stress

In our resource you can read the results of our Health survey compared to European data including that for adults. There is information about how nutrition relates to physical activity and some there are some healthy recipes to try. You can also learn about the Mediterranean diet and its properties. There is a section on addiction including what to do if you are addicted to your phone and how to avoid doping in sport. You can try our relaxation techniques, especially our arm massage following a long day at the computer, Finally, there are some sporting activities for fun and session plans which can be used with groups to encourage a healthier lifestyle. As a parent, the reader can learn about issues specific to young people today concerning their health and read the case studies of young people whose life has been changed by this project.

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Pat Suttmann, Project Coordinator, The Isle of Wight College UK
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Open Educational Resources
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