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FEEDBACK Digital Toolkit

FEEDBACK Digital Toolkit

The FEEDBACK Digital Toolkit is a tool to support the implementation of arts-based feedback approaches to the learning cycle and to contribute to the improvement of learning programmes and to curricula innovation. The toolkit is not intended to make educators and learners become experts in feedback, but rather to inspire and provide resources that may help them understand and explore the practice of feedback to improve learning experiences.

The toolkit includes 39 tools structured by their main goals:

1. Art Based Initiatives for Sustainability

Carefully planning the feedback delivery allows learners to positively accept the advices and to take real advantage from them.

2. Art Based Initiatives for Inspiration

Reflecting on their work brings learners to a more inspired mind set to understand what they have to relearn, improve and refocus on.

3. Art Based Initiatives for Transformation

Refocusing on the initial objectives of their work helps learners to positively transform their point of view.

This Toolkit is a result from the FEEDBACK project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. FEEDBACK project aims to set the foundations to define a clearer model of feedback to enhance learning and therefore act as leverage for the design of new learning programmes. For more information about the project, please visit:

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