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The FC-Sprint² concept (from The Netherlands)

Under the FC-Sprint² approach, learners are not directed to specific materials (resources) that they should use at a particular moment in the learning process. Rather, all the material is provided at once. Learners are then guided (by the teacher, but also by studying the resources) to first discover which resources they can use to reach a target set by the teacher. Learners are expected to (eventually) negotiate the targets set by the teacher, and come up with what they themselves want to learn. The teacher is thus the guardian of the learner’s education. If a learner comes up with a target him/herself, the teacher has to decide whether this is an appropriate target. If so, the teacher defines the target based on the learner’s input. 

The concept is used in the Friesland College in The Netherlands and has been used in two European projects. In Denmark the concept was used in building a learning environment for illiterate foreign students to learn Danish developed by the Danish school Lærdansk and the Friesland College. This learning environment, LærdanskABC, won the European Language Label price in 2015 in Denmark.

In the resource you can find an extensive description of the method, as well as many examples. 

The concept was also used for a Grundtvig Lifelong Learning project funded with support from the European Commission. In this project, Diglin (, the aim was to built software for Finnish, English, German and Dutch for students to be able to “crack the code”. Specialized digital tools were developed for training reading skills for adult learners who are first time readers in a second language. 




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