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Family literacy in Europe

This is the Executive Summary of the European Commission report "Family literacy in Europe: using parental support initiatives to enhance early literacy development".

This report provides an overview of research, strategies, policies, initiatives and programmes in the field of family literacy.

The aim of this investigation was to provide the Commission and Member States with practical information and analyses which could serve as a basis for future policy and programme design.

In the study, the authors analyse the evidence on the effectiveness of a broad range of family literacy interventions, placing special emphasis on those targeted at disadvantaged families. Building on this evidence, the study then provides case studies of well-rated family literacy programmes in seven European countries. The study also analyses the family literacy policy-making process in a number of Member States, providing evidence of policy successes and challenges through interviews with policymakers and other policy stakeholders. The main report is accompanied by a technical appendix which includes full case studies and a summary of key family literacy programme meta-analyses.


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Carpentieri, J., Fairfax-­‐Cholmeley, K., Litster, J., Vorhaus, J. (NRDC)
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Studies and Reports
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