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Factsheet Count on Skills

Tel mee met Taal (Count on Skills) is a government programme that steps up efforts to combat and prevent poor language, maths and digital skills. Thanks to the action programme, tens of thousands of adults are getting better at reading, writing, doing maths and using the computer, and the programme is also supporting one million school-going children with reading and language activities.

A joint initiative of three Dutch ministries (Education, Culture and Science; Social Affairs and Employment; Public Health, Welfare and Sport), alongside various national and other partners, the action programme is set to run until the end of 2018.


Want to get involved?

Would you like to find out more about the Tel mee met Taal action programme, or get involved yourself? Check our website, or the employee approach at These websites have the latest news, inspiring examples from practice and useful tools and lesson materials that you can download. Want to know more? Feel free to send an email to


See also: Count on Skills: the Dutch policy paper on new action programma to prevent margainalisation of low literates  

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