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Evolution of literacy campaigns and programmes and their impact since 2000

A background paper  for the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2015 on literacy campaigns. 

The paper analyses the status and characteristics of adult literacy campaigns and programmes since 2000. Global trends are analysed in terms of the ten key aspects of the suggested framework for successful literacy campaigns and programmes. Four case studies on major literacy campaigns in Brazil, India, South Africa and Indonesia are used to expand on these global trends in greater depth, particularly with regard to their specific features, challenges, success factors and results. While campaigns have created fresh momentum to mobilize for literacy, most large-scale campaigns have set overly ambitious targets and underestimated the complexity of the task. The continuity of learning processes for newly literates and the articulation of short-duration campaigns with national learning systems are major concerns. Future strategy should promote literacy as part of lifelong learning after 2015.

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Ulrike Hanemann with support from Christine Glanz and Alexander Grossklags UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL)
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Studies and Reports
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