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Euroguidance Cross Border Seminar 2019: Skills for the Future

Career development has become important factor in life of everyone. Employers are increasingly appreciating skills that enable effective teamwork and creative problem solving. An individual is expected to be open and focused on self-initiative training, knowledge of lifelong learning and education. Employers demand more and more skills from candidates who do not only relate to anindividual's professional competence within the chosen profession. Future job seekers will need to know how to adapt effectively to changes in the environment, be able to successfully replace a job or profession, be able to plan and act in accordance with changing career opportunities, develop technical and social skills, and at the same time understand how and why the acquired skills can be used.

This compendium of national surveys brings forward views from 11 European countries participating in Euroguidance Cross Border seminar that can be a source of inspiration for us.

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Brigita Vončina
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To live future life, there are a lot of things which are needed to adapt. In schools, they have taught to their students the abilities. But people who already graduated school don't have a chance to learn the abilities to live future life. Our living environment is rapidly changing and adults should learn the abilities. The seminar will give them the chance and it will be the opportunity to improve the quality of their life. In the seminar, it will be necessary to give some practical tips. It will be one of the good example of adult education in Europe.  
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