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Erasmus+ Collaborative Approaches for linking Circular Economy Initiatives

We further aim to empower individuals, groups and organisations who would not normally engage in social innovation activities to participate in Circular Economy initiatives by giving them practical and pragmatic training materials and instructions on Circular Collaboration Management.  Through our work, we strive to increase the implementation of Circular Economy practices in SMEs in our communities and to link already existent Circular Economy projects and their stakeholders, locally, nationally and at a European level.

The preparation the innovative Circular Collaboration Manual  and Toolkit training materials, thanks to which the learners will be able to achieve not only new circular economy  skills that are useful and desired in contemporary organizations but also acquire new competences after successful completion the training, in order to be able to implement it in local SMEs and to be able to find linked with other initiatives in local context.

e-learning materials which will be available for independent learning on the Circulink E-learning platform ( in 5 topics; 

  • 1.- Social Innovation (Open Innovation)
  • 2.- Collaboration Management
  • 3.- Diversity Management
  • 4.- Social Economy
  • 5.- Corporate Social Responsibility


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