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EPALE UK interview with Danny Power (Belfast Strategic Partnership Lifelong Learning Group)

This video is from the series of interviews with Adult Education providers and professionals across the UK, that were conducted following the EPALE UK and the Learning & Work Institute's joint conference ‘Upskilling Pathways: implications for the adult learning workforce’. 


Lifelong Learning is one of the five thematic areas identified in 2011 as the priority areas of Belfast Strategic Partnership’s work. A working group was established and tasked with driving forward this work on behalf of BSP. The Lifelong Learning thematic group has developed a strategy called ‘Belfast a Learning City’ to set out a vision of Belfast where learning is used as a positive force to expand and enhance life chances for all citizens of all ages in Belfast. The aim of Lifelong Learning Thematic Group is to advocate for strategic approaches which maximise the role and potential of lifelong learning in addressing life inequalities in Belfast; and to encourage innovation in lifelong learning practice through developing flagship examples and using Belfast Strategic Partnership to influence change.

Danny Power is chair of the Belfast Strategic Partnership’s Lifelong Learning Group. He works for the Frank Gillen Centre in the Falls area of Belfast as a community worker. He is the chairperson of the Healthy Living Centres’ Alliance and of the local Healthy Living Centre based at the Maureen Sheehan Centre in Belfast’s Falls district. Danny has been a community activist for over 25 years and is particularly keen to highlight opportunities for local communities to engage in decision making which affect their lives. Danny is currently the chairperson of the Belfast Local Commissioning Group (LCG) and a community member of the Belfast Strategic Partnership for which he chairs the Lifelong Learning Thematic group which has developed and published a strategic framework ‘Belfast a Learning City’ including a Learning Charter for the city and has steered the group to become a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

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