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EPALE Journal on Adult Learning and Continuing Education, n.3 - Entrepreneurship education

Talking about entrepreneurship is complex and uncommon in studies of adult education and in adult education itself, and it is even rarer to associate entrepreneurship with continuous learning. Wishing to highlight a theme that is anything but predictable and at the same time very current, represents a challenge for the dissemination of culture in the world of education and learning. Therefore, at the centre of reflection that links the articles of this new edition of Epale Journal, now in its second year of publication, lies the idea of innovation which is accompanying the development of our Western society.

EPALE Journal on Adult Learning and Continuing Education
"Entrepreneurship and Adult Education: a new spirit of innovation, creativity and critical thinking", edited by Vanna Boffo and Mauro Palumbo
N° 3, June 2018
ISSN: 2532 - 8956 (online)


  • Editorial, Vanna Boffo and Mauro Palumbo
  • The third sector and new frontiers of work. The role of strategic skills, Paolo Di Rienzo
  • Skills assessment and intrapreneurial competence, Paolino Serreri
  • Prison education and training in entrepreneurship: a space to think “otherwise”, Alessandra Augelli, Pietro Cavagna, Luca Leccese, Ilaria Oltolini
  • Developing entrepreneurship through Design Thinking: a new frontier for adulthood education, Carlo Terzaroli
  • The challenge of lifelong learning in adults and for adults, Mariadaniela Sfarra
  • Book review: "Employability & Competences"

All the EPALE Journal issues are collected at the following page: (link is external)

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ISSN: 2532 - 8956 (online)
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