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EPALE Journal on Adult Learning and Continuing Education #2 - Prison education

The second issue of the Epale Journal is a collective text on educational challenge. In fact, it focuses the attention of educators, teachers, social workers, but also prison staff, on the central themes of learning in a place of detention and the role that training/education can have in reintegrating those who have served a sentence into society. We discover a human situation that is dense, deep, lucid, and intense. A situation featuring many people who work in the prison universe, from the teacher to the volunteer, the educator, the researcher, and the scholar who takes care to introduce, develop and ensure good practices.


EPALE Journal on Adult Learning and Continuing Education

"Education and learning in prison. Stories, Projects, Good Practices", edited by Vanna Boffo and Mauro Palumbo

N° 2, December 2018

ISSN: 2532 - 8956 (online)


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  • Editorial
  • Formal education in prison, Ada Maurizio
  • Educational values in the serving of a sentence, Francesca Torlone
  • Education and learning in prison. Stories, Projects, Good Practices, Nedo Baracani
  • Motor development activities and sports as a form of mediation to bring a new re-socializing and re-educative meaning to punishment, Pasquale Moliterni, Flaminia Bolzan Mariotti Posocco
  • The Prison University Centre of the University of Genoa: a tool to develop citizenship skills, Monica Sbrana
  • Generative themes of change in prison. Analysis of the “Ristretti Orizzonti” experience, Piergiorgio Reggio, Francesca Rapanà




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ISSN: 2532 - 8956
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