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EPALE Conference 2018: Fostering an inspiring adult learning community – presentations

This resource contains the presentations given during the EPALE 2018 conference in Budapest. The conference took part on 15-16 October and had over 230 national government representatives, EPALE members, European stakeholders and representatives from the European Commission.

This resource contains the following presentations:

  • Adult learning in Europe: where to next? – Dana Bachmann, Head of Unit; Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion; European Commission
  • What’s new in EPALE? – An update from the EPALE Central Support Service by Faye Hindle-Lewis, EPALE Project Lead, Ecorys UK
  • The European Basic Skills Network (EBSN) Capacity Building Series on EPALE – by Graciela Sbertoli, EBSN Secretary-General
  • Adult education and adult learning in the new Erasmus+ programme – Lisette Schermer, Policy Officer; Directorate-General for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport; European Commission
  • The future role of EPALE National Support Services – Mahira Spiteri, Ministry for Education and Employment, Malta; Malgorzata Dybala, Foundation for the Development of the Education System, Poland
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