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EPALE IN ACTION Presentation: Chwarae Teg, Amy Kordiak

As part of the Partnerships/Collaborations Community Space at the EPALE IN ACTION conference on the 17 November, Amy Kordiak presented on Chwarae Teg and its experience with working with transnational partners.

Amy joined Chwarae Teg (Fair Play) in 2011 and is the European Lead responsible for ensuring that Chwarae Teg’s knowledge is shared beyond Wales, representing the charity overseas, participating in transnational networks and raising awareness of the value of their collaborations. She is currently working on the ESF and WG-funded project Agile Nation2 Project which supports women with leadership and management qualifications and businesses with changing their culture so that women in Wales can achieve and prosper in their workplace.

Chwarae Teg continues to be Wales’ leading organisation for supporting women’s progression in the economy since it was founded in 1992. It works to address key barriers which persist for women in the workplace. These barriers all contribute to the Gender Pay Gap in Wales and prevent the skills shortage from being significantly reduced.

Visit the Chwarae Teg website by clicking the link here.

Transnational Toolkit:

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