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Ensuring effective distance learning during COVID-19 disruption: guidance for teachers

"The planning of distance learning programmes should be aligned with sector-wide strategies to respond to the sudden interruption of education. The planning should be guided by a concern for equity and inclusion and the need to design and deliver distance learning in ways that do not exacerbate existing educational and social inequalities. The planning of more comprehensive distance learning strategies should, however, be guided by both immediate mitigation needs and long-term goals. Beyond the response to the crisis, the efforts to deploy distance learning at scale across all levels of education provide valuable lessons and may lay the foundation for the longer-term goals of building more open, inclusive, and flexible education systems after the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Guidance aims to help teachers understand key issues related to home-based distance learning during COVID-19 school closures and design and facilitate effective learning activities. While we fully recognize the complementary relationship between formal and non-formal education, and continuity of studies across education and training levels throughout lifelong learning pathways, this Guidance includes resources, examples and tips for teachers and educators from pre-primary to upper-secondary level."

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Fengchun Miao, Ronghuai Huang, Dejian Liu, and Rongxia Zhuang
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