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Emotions- How to Cope in Learning Environments?

The contemporary situation shows that the inability to manage emotions properly is a huge problem with negative consequences. The fact is that since the very childhood persons usually are being taught to suppress their emotions in the process of socialization, and this affects deeply their welfare, quality of life, relations and behaviour. It makes it difficult to identify and express ones needs, know themselves and it leads to feeling frustrated, angry, lonely, causing problems in society in general.

Teachers, adult educators and social workers, psychologists are the first ones to face these problems. They need effective tools to know how to act, react in a “difficult” situation, as well as how to help people they work with express, manage, de-escalate emotions.

In order to contribute to solving these issues the specialists from organisations from Denmark (Vestegnen HF & VUC), Latvia (Mācību centrs plus), Iceland (RightNow ehf Research, Innovation and Skills (RRIS)), Faroe Islands (Dugni) and the project coordinator from Lithuania (VšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras) have joined into a two-year NORDPLUS ADULT project (NPAD-2017/10076).

The aim of the project was to share the knowledge and develop the Handbook with tools for adult educators working with troubled young adults, social risk families, abusers, asylum seekers, NEETs and other disadvantaged groups on Emotional Management.

After two years work partners created the handbook which explores the topics such as:

  • Emotions, their suppression and management;
  • Anger management and de-escalation techniques;
  • Negative emotions and self-help methods.

To make the handbook practical partners referred to adult educators to collect difficult learning situations they face in their everyday work with young adult, adults and a team of psychologists, specialists analysed them suggesting what could be done in such situations.

The created Handbook was presented during the conference in Denmark in April 2019 (organised by Vestegnen HF & VUC) and local seminars in Lithuania, Latvia, Iceland and Faroe Islands. Around 150 people were introduced with the tool which as we hope will help adult educators to cope with difficult learning situations related with different emotion.

The handbook might be found in partners’ languages (including English) and we would like to share it with you!

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Gintarė Černikienė, Asta Jaseliūnienė, Karin Háskor, Hedvig Johansdóttir, Kirsten Hundahl, Camilla Kramvig, Jelena Lipovska, Aija Centnere, Sveinbjörg Júlía Svavarsdóttir, Anna Árnadóttir, Thorvald Finnbjornsson
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Open Educational Resources
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