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Effects of Teaching Grammar to Adult EFL Learners Using the Flipped Classroom Technique

The aim of this study was to explore whether adult EFL learners prefer to receive grammar explanations in class or via short videos watched as homework as the flipped classroom model suggests. Drawing upon the existing STEM studies the learners were assessed using short tests to determine the difference in knowledge of applying grammar rules of learners who received grammar instruction in class and those who received it via videos. It has often been many years since adult EFL learners last regularly learned something before beginning to study again, at a language school. They might not be aware of more innovative approaches to learning. With the rise of the popularity of the flipped classroom, the aim of the author was to introduce it and request feedback from the students in order to better prepare grammar explanations in the future. As many adult EFL learners have limited amount of time to take part in face-to-face instruction, being occupied with work, the author wishes to learn how adult EFL learners study outside of class, make learning materials more available to learners wherever they may be and make the valuable time spent in class more beneficial in terms of student progress.

The thesis consists of two chapters. In the first chapter, background information on the use of the flipped classroom model and the use of it in language lessons is provided and the benefits and hardships of the implementation of the flipped classroom model as well as studies that have been carried out so far, are discussed. There has been limited research on the flipped classroom topic in Estonia, even less so in EFL lessons. In the second chapter, the use of the flipped classroom technique in teaching grammar to EFL students is discussed and illustrated with the methodology of the study. The materials and activities created for the study and the use of them are discussed, quantitative and qualitative data analysis is provided. The aim of this paper is to comment on the use of teaching grammar to adult EFL learners using the flipped classroom model and the learners’ perception of it. The review of the results of the study is followed by a discussion and conclusion.

Master thesis is available in Tartu Universitiies repositorium DSpace. 

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