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Effective workplace literacy and numeracy programmes: a research-based reader

This is a collection of New Zealander John Benseman's research-based writing about the planning and implementing of workplace literacy and numeracy programmes. The text below is from John's introduction to the publication.

I have spent most of my professional life working in researching and teaching about adult education, with a particular interest in adult literacy and numeracy (LN). Over recent years this interest has centred mainly on researching workplace literacy and numeracy programmes. From 2006 to 2010, I worked as the Principal Researcher in the Upskilling Partnerships research project where I was responsible for directing and carrying out the research and evaluation of 18 different programmes as well as a number other LLN research based at a central government agency. 

The findings of this project have not been widely published for a range of reasons, but I have subsequently written up many of the findings in a range of sites. Given the resources that went into the project and what I see as the value of its findings, I have felt it important to disseminate what was learned to a wider audience, especially given the paucity of quality research in this area. 

This publication therefore brings together a collection of my writing on this topic. Hopefully readers will find it useful to be able to access a comprehensive array of writing that is based on what was the largest study of its type internationally. Most of the writing comes from the Upskilling project, but I have also included a number of other articles that I feel are relevant to providing comprehensive coverage of this important form of provision. 

John Benseman

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