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EEPO Review Spring 2015: Upskilling unemployed adults. Cyprus March 2015

Some long-term unemployment in Cyprus tends to involve low-skilled individuals from the tourism and construction sectors who are not very likely to participate in training programmes. However, long-term unemployment is also found among highly trained individuals - particularly among young people and those who lost long-standing jobs following the banking crisis and subsequent bail-in. In addition, and because employers are cautious about increasing labour costs in the early stages of a recovery, employment growth is expected to be modest in the short-term, further limiting the decline of long-term unemployment. Consequently, LMPs that offer the low-skilled long-term unemployed greater access to generic programmes in IT, computer literacy, languages, basic office skills, and opportunities to retrain for occupations in sectors with good employment prospects should be promoted and provided on a regular basis. With the stagnation in conventional sun-and-sea tourism, the hospital/clinic/home carer professions, for example, would be particularly attractive to individuals previously employed in the related hospitality industry.

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Louis N. Christofides, University of Cyprus
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National and Policy
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