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Educational Platform on Project Cycle Management

The Educational Platform on Project Cycle Management (PCM) makes all content and outputs available which were produced during the Generativity project ( Generativity aims at fostering the capacity of social and educational organizations to develop and implement efficient, innovative and sustainable projects, especially at European level.

Most importantly, the Platform hosts the

  • online Bibliography on Project Cycle Management (PCM),
  • online Training Modules on innovative, effective and sustainable PCM, 
  • online Tutorials on effective PCM.

The Bibliography on PCM is a unique source for any organization interested in becoming involved in a European project in the sense that it provides all relevant information for grant development and submission procedures at a one-stop shop: Publications on project management and PCM, project monitoring & evaluation, publications on project management by the European Commission etc. The majority of publications is in English, however, the bibliography also contains publications in the other project partner languages which are particularly relevant for the national contexts.

The Platform is available in the following languages: EN, FR, IT, GR, PL, Dutch. Please click on the country flag to switch language.

Link to the Platform:  

Link to the PCM Bibliography:

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Diciannove and Danmar (main authors), contributions by University of Thessaly, CARDET, European Evaluation Company (EEC), FEANTSA, fio.PSD, FAS, Kea im Syros
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Open Educational Resources
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