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The educational and social conditions of young adults living with disabilities in Hungary

The present study elaborates on the educational and social conditions of young adults living with disabilities in Hungary by utilizing the most recent statistical data available. One of the most pressing issues in our society is the mapping of the specific living circumstances of peo-ple living with disabilities as well as their support in those areas where such need may arise. Providing assistance is important not merely due to considerations of social solidarity, but also because it can prevent the perception of discrimination and relegation to the fringes of society among people receiving such aid. A major dilemma of the current paper is whether the prevailing conditions of the disabled can be explained by statistical analysis or rather they provide simply a blank tabulation of numerical data. Accordingly, in the section on theoretical approaches the various definitions of applicable terms are tackled, including the gradualmodi-fication in the designation of disabilities; whereas in the analytical part with the use of statis-tics the shifts in the number of young adults living with disabilities in education and vocation-al training becomes visible. Thus, figures may indicate both advantageous and disadvanta-geous conditions; nevertheless, they are able to acquaint the interestedpublic only with one aspect of the living conditions of young adults living with disabilities.

(Szerk.: A tanulmány a 2016-ban tartott SJE Nemzetközi Tudományos Konferencia tanulmánykötetében jelent meg.)

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Laki Ildikó
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