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E book. Vol. 3 Volunteering & skills empowerment in: volunteering in emergency situations

E book with best practices from 6 countries about skills empowerment through volunteering in emergency.It's a tool 4 social workers willing to learn how to include disadvantaged in community services in crisis times.

Aims of the tool

To explore the relationships between volunteering, during crisis situations, and personal empowerment impacts. The document highlight how volunteering in emergency settings can positively contribute to increase the inclusion perspective of disadvantaged people involved in community activism experiences.

Description of the tool

The learning outcomes for social workers using this E boo are the followings:-increased knowledge about non-formal education techniques for adult education, as well as on strategies and methods to educate adults to active citizenship;-increased skills and knowledge- increased attitude of researchers, policymakers, and wider society, including the media, toward volunteering in crisis as a tool to support disadvantaged people to experience a new role in their belonging community.

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best practice volunteering skills empowerment emergency situations Covid
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PORTUGAL Rightchallenge ITALY Aurive AUSTRIA InterAktion SPAIN Deses-3 Partners TURKEY Yasam Boyu Leading organization SLOVENIA Drustvo Za Novo Mesto
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