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Digital Skills and Older Workers

The acceleration of the shift to online and remote learning and working brings new opportunities, but it also brings the potential for further inequities in the labor market. Older workers, a group disproportionately at risk from COVID-19 that also experienced higher increases in long-term unemployment than other workers during the pandemic (Bennett 2021), stand to benefit greatly from the expanded access that online and remote learning and working provides.3 This is especially true given increasing demand for digital skills in the labor market (Hecker and Briggs 2021; Hecker and Loprest 2019; Muro et. al. 2017). Even before the pandemic, the increasing digitization of work put a premium on digital skills, which were often necessary to participate in training and education; to search and apply for jobs and to succeed in those jobs; and to connect with other supports, social networks, news and information, and public benefits (Hecker and Loprest 2019; Muro et. al. 2017; Robinson et al. 2015).

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Ian Hecker, Shayne Spaulding, Daniel Kuehn
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Studies and Reports
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