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An in-depth analysis of adult learning policies and their effectiveness in Europe

One of the priority policy areas in the European agenda for Adult Learning is to improve the knowledge base about and the monitoring of the adult learning sector.

Thus in 2013 the European Commission launched a study to develop an analytical approach for the analysis of adult learning policies and their effectiveness in Europe.

The final result of this study is an analytical framework, which can be used to support Member States to review, formulate, implement and monitor effective adult learning policies, while making better use of the existing evidence base.

Importantly, the study identified a list of adult learning policy interventions which possess evidence demonstrating their effectiveness in increasing participation in learning and/or developing skills of adult learners.

The study also demonstrates the evidence about the benefits of participation in learning and higher skills levels, including the improvement of both economic and social outcomes.

Member States are recommended to:

  • Make use of the analytical framework outlined in this study in designing adult learning policies and provision, and in monitoring policy effectiveness;
  • Ensure that their policies take into account the six key factors for successful adult learning, in particular by improving equity of access to learning;
  • Review their current policy and provision to ascertain the extent to which, for each broad policy objective, the necessary types of policy action - the building blocks for successful policies - are in place; and
  • Coordinate adult learning and other economic and social policies at national, regional and local levels to align funding, ensure coherent provision and thereby ensure the best outcomes from policy interventions.


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