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Country reports of the status of professional development provisions for basic skills teachers in 8 countries

Country reports give an overview of the status of initial education and continuous professional development for basic skills teachers of adults in the following countries: Norway, UK (England and Scotland), Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The report is one of the outcomes of the project titled "The BASKET, on Professional Development of Basic Skills Trainers" which was a Learning Partnership within a Grundtvig/LLP programme including partners from areas like education and research as well as policy making and implementation, such partners who are engaged in developing national models, curricula and training modules for the professional development of teachers teaching basic skills to adults. Project period 1 August 2011 – 31 July 2013.

The members of the partnership were the following adult learning providers Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning (Vox)National Research and Development Centre for Adult Literacy (NRDC) , German Institute for Adult Education (DIE)Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB)Romanian Institute for Adult Education (IREA)Regional Center of Education and Language School, PilsenProgress ConsultEducation Scotland.

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Education Scotland, NRDC, VOX, DIE, SVEB, IREA, KCVJS, Progress Consult
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Studies and Reports
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