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CONNECTOR 2016: Supporting learner’s individual development with Project-Based Learning, video recordings

The annual Connector took place on December 7, 2016 at Narva and was part of the Finnish Days in Narva programme.

The subject for Connector 2016 event was the support of individual development of learner using project activity with following topics: how to help learners develop individually, how to support their general and key competencies more effectively, how to assess without marks, how to integrate projects into study process so that it will be enriched, not disturbed. The topics were discussed in participation of Finnish experts.

The presentations are available in English.

The format of „Connector“ - All of us have their own roads and directions, but we will get together for a few hours, our roads will meet in one point. Let us use this time profitably, to get ideas and inspiration for the future. We will think and create together!

Please watch the full video of Connector 2016 or individual presentation (click on the links below).

Connector 2016, presentation (in english):

Introduction and overview of the day. Jelena Lohmatova

Supporting learner’s individual development with Project-Based Learning in Finland. Ulla Salomäki, adult educator and counsellor (Finland)

Supporting learner’s individual development with Project-Based Learning in Finland. Matti Hellsten, automatics teacher at Tampere Vocational College Tredu (Finland)

Presentation by Olga Šeglova, mother of three children, lives in Helsinki. Olga shared her impressions of her children studying in a Finnish school.

Panel discussion “How to integrate Project-Based Learning in everyday learning process” 

Workshop: Assessment without marks

Conclusions and finalising the Connector 2016

The Connector 2016 was organised with support of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia.

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