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Comparative Study - Inclusive Senior Education Through Virtual U3A

This paper covers the situation of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in Portugal, Czech Republic and Italy.

It is divided into seven parts,  university´s conception and senior education, how U3A works and educational offerings, use of information technology, measures adopted for an inclusive educational environment, methodology used in the study, results and conclusions.

A university of the third age (hereinafter as U3A) is the most known and spread educational possibility/activity for the senior age group. The objective of U3A is to guarantee seniors their right for learning and education at current scientific level. It is a way of acquiring new findings, knowledge as well as experience. It is also a possibility to establish social contacts with their peers. During studies, seniors meet students and postgraduate students, there are inter-generational relations.

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Project number: 2017-1-CZ01-KA204-035438
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Case Study
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