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Collecting Europe - Identity

The British Council have supplied an English as a Second Language (ESOL) lesson plan suitable for adults, centred on concepts of personal identity and collective identities in Europe. It refers to the Collecting Europe project – an initiative by the British Council, V&A Museum and Goethe Institut, which asked artists to imagine Europe 2000 years in the future and included an online interactive quiz – and builds on it to discuss issues that surfaced through the quiz and consider identity.

The lesson plan features a mix of engaging activities. These include a discussion on collective identity, pairwork that requires the students to consider their personal identities, a reading and speaking activity that incorporates phrases for probability, group work that explores different aspects of society and their importance in the future, and an online research activity. It is suitable for CEFR level B2 and above, and can either be taught as a single 90-minute lesson or split into two 45-minute lessons. The webpage contains links to the lesson plan and student worksheets.

More information on the Collecting Europe project can be found online on the V&A Museum website. 

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Cath McLellan
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