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Collaborative books: Guideline for the writing of the VETmh TuTo+ book

Vocational education process in European tutoring for immersion trainees in the mental health sector (VETmh TuTo+)  is a project co-funded by the European programme Erasmus+, strategic partnerships.

European tutoring process based on skills development of junior professionals in psychiatry and mental health, reinforced by an education and work curriculum, led and certified by Haute Ecole de la Province de Namur.


Having in the mind the success of the collaborative book published at the end of the Tuto project (Employment, training and research in psychiatry and mental health: an innovative tutoring project in Europe, 2017, ed. L’Harmattan), we consider it important to develop a second one with the aim of pursuing the research work on the training issue of our staff and to disseminate our findings and solutions. It will help us situate the TuTo+ program in the European challenge of qualifying staff in the psychiatry and mental health sectors. It will show how to promote mental health throughout Europe by involving users, care professionals and the psycho-social sector alongside multidisciplinary teachers and researchers and taking into account scientific progresses. This book is meant to be collaborative gathering the contributions of different partner’s experts.

To date, we have set up an editorial board composed of Jocelyn Deloyer, Christine Maes, CNP St Martin , Marie-Clotilde Lebas and Laurence Fond-Harmant of ACSAL. The latter proposes the orientation of the themes and structure of the collective work. The action committee meets to discuss and validate these proposals and detail a timetable. (Join the minutes of the October 2019 meeting).

It has defined a work schedule and the composition of a review committee to validate the quality of chapters produced by authors and co-authors. The committee is made up of about 15 professional and scientific experts, public health, mental health and vocational training. Each chapter will be reviewed by 2 spreaders to validate it in relation to a conference grid that fails to make all productions coherent and relevant.

The action committee validated the structure by chapter of the book. It decided to organize a working session, coordinated by Laurence Fond-Harmant, which brings together the co-authors to clarify the general and specific expectations and objectives.  Saturday, March 28 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Athens. 

Each person in charge of a chapter of the book must produce for that date a one-page summary that will be presented and discussed for the enhancement of the publication.

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This booklet was directed by Agence pour la Coopération Scientifique Afrique Luxembourg (ACSAL).
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